JSP VisiLite Multi EVO2/3/5 Safety Helmet Light


The VisiLite helmet illumination system has been developed as a method of increasing worker visibility without dazzling colleagues in close proximity. VisiLite offers three lighting modes to suit the user's needs.
50 m Visibility. Independently tested for luminous intensity, visibility in darkness & flash rate. During optical testing, Visilite remained visible up to a distance of 50 m. Easy Secure Fit. Simply clip onto the sides and rear of the safety helmet. Quick release for replacement or USB charging.
USB Rechargeable. Easily rechargeable with a USB charging supply; PC, Mains or Car. Can be charged while fitted to the helmet. Micro USB cable supplied. Charge time: approximately 2.5 Hours.
Durable. The clips and main housing are made from highly durable ABS. The main housing is sealed to protect against dust and dirt.
Adverse Weather. VisiLite is splash proof making it suitable for use in wet weather conditions. It has an operating Temperature Range of +50ºC to -10ºC (14ºF and 122ºF).

Modes and Runtimes:
Mode1: Static (9hrs)
Mode2: Fast flash (150hrs)
Mode3: Slow flash (190hrs)