CORFA Tanker Metguard Wellington S5 M CI SRC

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INTERNAL LINING: abrasion resistant polyester. UPPER: COLD DEFENDER PU, antibacterial, resistant to -25 °C. OUTER SOLE: COLD DEFENDER PU, antibacterial, resistant to -25°C. FOOTBED: POLY-BED, antistatic, it absorbs and releases moisture. The upper layer is made of antibacterial textile SANY-DRY® to prevent from bad odours. TOECAP: Steel resistant to 200 J. MIDSOLE: Stainless steel. Kick off lug, metatarsal protection - 100 J, Cold Protection (CI), Made in Italy , Metatarsal Protection 100 J, Slip-Resistant Sole. SUGGESTED USAGE: boots for refineries. NEW ICELAND Thermo-insulating lining available upon request.
ENISO20345:2011 S5 M CI SRC.