Oil Spill Kit 125L (Wheelie Bin)

Code: SSOSK125L

OIL SPILL KIT 125 LITRE (WHEELIE BIN). The 125 Litre Wheelie Bin Oil spill kit is a complete spill kit with a total absorbency of 125 litres in a mobile wheeled bin. The kit is designed to absorb oil and fuel only whilst repelling water. Even with its large capacity the wheelie bin spill kit is mobile, easy to store, handle and deploy. It can be reused and refilled by ordering one of our 125 litre wheelie bin oil spill kit refills. Ideal for the warehouse, workshop and factory. Absorbs Oil & Fuel, Large 125 Litres absorbency, Complies fully with BS7959 & ISO 9001:2008 standards, High quality absorbents used. Easy to move and store.