TRANEMO H058S 1 ARC W1 ARC Helmet White C/W Integrated Visor


Reflective for improved visibility. The helmet is designed to protect the head against mechanical shock and the head and eyes against electrical hazards that occur during live working and work at height. The face shield protects against hazards which may occur during live working and can fully retract into the helmet when not in use. The face shield is also resistant to impact of particles of medium energy and has an internal coating for protection against fogging, an outer scratch-resistant coating and is resistant to damage by fine particles. The visor has a light transmission factor of VLT> 75% (class 0) in accordance with European standards. EN 397:2012+A1:2012 (-40°C - +50°C), EN 50365:2002 Class 0 and EN 166:2001.